Bruce is owner and Chief Editor/Colourist of Firstlight Digital.
Bruce began his career more than twenty five years ago as an editor for SABC. He later joined Video Lab as a effects artist and producer/effects supervisor.
During this time, Bruce was able to gain a true insight into digital technologies whilst working alongside South Africa's top talent in editing, colour grading and special effects.
Bruce joined Firstlight Digital as Senior Editor on moving to Perth in 2008. In the three years that followed, Bruce observed many significant changes within the industry, most notably the introduction of new digital software & hardware enabled colour grading systems.  
Bruce took full ownership of Firstlight in 2011. He enjoyed full freedom to push the boundaries for creative editing and adaption of color grading techniques whilst developing highly sophisticated digital workflow processes.
His knowledge and understanding of the "craft' has made him the editor of choice in Perth for the local, international and eastern state production houses visiting Perth. Bruce is often requested abroad and in the Eastern States to work with his ever growing director and production company client base.
Through his understanding and client sensitivity, Bruce brings a much appreciated human approach to technology, affording him the reputation as one of Australia's top commercial editors.