Great War Horses


The extraordinary story of Australia's war horses - where they came from, where they served,?and what became of those that had survived when Great War hostilities ceased in 1918. When the first convoys of the ANZAC Expeditionary Forces sailed from Albany's majestic King George Sound in November and December 1914, they carried with them hundreds of horses. Many had been loaded in ports elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand. Some came from unexpected places, including Juna Downs, a vast pastoral station in Western Australia's remote Pilbara region. Over 130,000 Australian horses were to serve our forces, around 70,000 were to die overseas in the line of duty, and only one was to return home. What was the fate of up to 50,000 Australian horses that were still alive when guns became silent in 1918?


Recipes that Rock

The rocker has more fun as big cheese.

Alex James bass guitarist from Blur and Greenhouse chef Damon Albarn, hit Margaret River in our new food show. Its a six part series that sees these two foodies travel around the area to sample the local produce and create recipes.

The show was produced by the "ever talented" folk at Mago Films. Masterfully edited by John Carozzi and beautifully graded by Caitlan.

The show was a technical challenge for us, as colourists. Many formats of cameras where used in less than perfect lighting conditions, however we are really proud of the final result as are the broadcasters.




In her brand new series, Quickies in My Kitchen, ex-rock’n’roll singer and super cook Anna Gare (The Best in Australia) is back in the kitchen showing viewers the food she loves to cook for her friends and family.

This 13-part series has been produced exclusively for LifeStyle FOOD to show timepoor families how to prepare effortless meals with loads of flavour. Anna’s accessible, no-fuss approach to food produces recipes that take the minimum of time, fuss and cost, while still looking good and tasting great.




Esoterica is a complex ‘neo-noir’ that promises to deliver a satisfying mystery with an emotional punch.

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Director: Sam Barrett

Producer: David Karsten

DOP: Ivan Davidov

Colorist: Bruce Flint



Oscar-nominated filmmaker David Bradbury follows Australian photojournalist Philip Blenkinsop on a heart-pounding journey through Asia's chaotic cities and deadly jungles.

Known in the business as a 'concerned photographer', Blenkinsop is the last of a dying breed, going to extremes to expose human rights abuses and forgotten wars in south-east Asia. This level of commitment makes him one of the world's top war and conflict photographers, his images winning many awards, yet he is hardly known in Australia.


Director: David Bradbury

Producer: Carmelo

´╗┐Colourist: Bruce Flint